“My job is to make sure your child can break down the sounds inside of any word, so that they can read anything!”  
         Tutor Vanessa

Attention! Homeschoolers and Teachers


1.    No need to search, cherry pick or piece together lessons plans from several different websites.
2.    Step-by-Step training lessons you can simply watch starting with class #1 ending with class #50.
3.   Carte Blanche Option lets you to teach specific classes + read short stories with desired letter sounds. 
4.   Access to interactive learning games and writing practice (both printing and cursive).
5.   Easy engaging (free) online classes can double as homework or in-class work.
6.   Practice makes perfect homework book options: e-books or workbooks
      *If students do not have internet access, lesson plans available by download or physical book.


. . . of “I Can Read It By Myself” (K-4) skill level decodable SRF (speed reading formatted) short stories. Because fluent reading has to take place faster than the speed of thought, the goal of these teaching children to be able to read EVERYTHING progressive stories album, is to develop independent letter-sounds trained readers, NOT (sight) or memorization readers.  (95% of Reading Programs Missing Link video)
Each story is also complete with a unique words preview sound codes companion map.

Samples from Reading Ready “true” Skill Level Stories Album 


    50     Class Learning to Read Online/Offline Tutoring Program
   103   Letter Sounds Codes Easily Mastered
3,913   Words decoded (sounded out), written (print + cursive) and comprehension exercises 
   383   Decodable Phonics Reading Stories Library 
       6   Months skill level increase success: (requires 5-day weekly class + homework commitment) 
 2 – 3   Times higher reading skill level than actual grade results achieved at end of program


All it takes is the skills to mentally piece together 7 simple spelling patterns or sound out families for a student to be able to read ANYTHING!  By the end of the Sweet Sounds of Reading program, (class #50) readers will be able to instantly recognize 1 of 7 possible spelling patterns or sound out families, and automatically know how to break down the letter sounds inside of any word! Also letter-sounds trained students (who do the practice work) will be able to easily decode twice if not three times as many new or unfamiliar words, AND read a solid 2 – 3 grades above their current grade level!

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8.    Speed Reading Report Card: $5.00 (for details, please watch 'Missing Link')
9.    Triple Time Saver Services e-Form:  $10.00
        *All-in-One: attendance / billing / invoicing (records keeping / accounting document)
        *1 Year at-a-glance / no learning curve (requires MS Excel software)

1) Title: Fun Run
2) Grade Level: K - 1
3) Cost: $1.00
Class # Skills: 1 – 16, 19
Word Count: 47
Pages: 3
Theme: girl running 
 (timed reading + quiz) 
Key Sounds: 1 ‘twin’ + 1 ‘th’ partner

1) Title: Sam Has Chicken Pox
2) Grade Level: K - 1
3) Cost: $2.00
Class # Skills: 1 – 16, 17, 19, 21
Word Count: 163
Pages: 3
Theme: sick boy 
 (timed reading)
Key Sounds: H Partners: ch, th, wh

1) Title: Shoe Shine Man
2) Grade Level: 1 - 2  
3) Cost: $2.00
Class # Skills18-19, 23-25, 30-31, 34
Word Count: 215
Pages: 4
Theme: shoe shine shop
(timed + picture reading)
Key Sounds: Tagger e + Partners