Words and Sounds
Decoding:  the ability to break down and understand how to say words

Puzzle Solving:  utilization of reasoning, deduction, analysis and logical thought

Think of words as consisting of 7 possible sound pieces

Understanding & Breaking 
Down Sounds
inside of words
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Words are made up of or more of 7 possible sound pieces

Students of all ages can be taught how to understand and break down the sounds inside of words.  This general definition of phonics can be introduced as a 7-piece puzzle and systematically presented as sound categories, one-piece-at-a-time.

Preschool phonics, kindergarten phonics, and primary phonics can be simply taught:
(True Story #5 Preschoolers Report Card)

1.Every letter in all words represents a specific piece of sound. 
2.All words are made up of two or more of seven possible sound pieces.
          (The exception to this rule would be one-letter words such as /I/ or /A/). 

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