Direct Instruction

Like a child's first spoken word, their first reading words will be accomplished by mimicking, communicating and attaching meaning to sounds.

Direct Instruction is a back to basics learning to read system that teaches readers how to sound out letters and quickly develop a natural fluent reading rhythm.

This simple teaching method called Direct Instruction is:

1.Successful ONLY if explicit phonics practiced 
2.Necessary for teaching Blacks to read fluently
3.Beneficial to all new and struggling readers
4.The future for African American reading success

Why do Blacks thrive when taught
the BASICS by Direct Instruction?

Because of 2 key learning necessities +1 natural trait

1.Letter-Sounds Alertness -
The listeners ability to hear, manipulate and identify the smallest unit of sound.

2.Phonics Skills -
The ability to connect letter-sounds to printed words.

3.Rhythm -
The ability to hear, manipulate and identify the smallest unit of sound and naturally    connect those sounds into  soulful expressions.

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Not being able to read literally robs the soul and kills the spirit of African American children across this nation. In this word driven, high-speed, information age, Blacks in alarming numbers are recklessly being turned into illiteracy statistics.

BUT! An about-face simple solution to this travesty is staring us right in the face.  
Just tap into their natural ability to connect rhythm and sounds.

Reading Future Realized

 The Basics!  Teaching old-fashioned phonics and letter sounds drills!

Test Scores: Reading

In 2008, 94% of Barclay Elementary/Middle School Grade 3 students met and exceeded standards in Reading. This was higher than the Maryland state average of 85%.

Barclay Yearly Reading Scores after Direction Instruction Introduced

94% (2008) +17%
81% (2007) +10%
71% (2006) 

2009 Reading Future Destroyed
Direct Instruction abandoned

Blacks Reading Scores Plummet at Barclay Elementary

2009 - 2011 
Barclay Yearly Reading Scores after Direction Instruction Removed

Why explicit phonics teaching abandoned ?

Whole Word advocate Dorothy Strickland 2009 keynote speaker for statewide struggling 
 reader initiative.

Wholesome sounding Reading First program model installed as the statewide mandate
 which ONLY allowed SBRR (scientifically based reading researched) programs for public

Mandatory 90-minute daily reading instruction training for ALL Kindergarten 3rd grade
students, ONLY using the state approved SBRR Reading First modeled after
George Bush's NCLB mandate.

Repeat of another state sponsored political reading failure.

Underground Teacher Movements!

 There are many successful unsung heroes or heroines whose  techniques  are invisible in teacher education classrooms. Rarely are new teachers trained in Direct Instruction, a proven successful method of educating students, especially children of color.

Unfortunately for minority students (during teacher training), reference is primarily focused on popular research studies, opinions of biased experts and political legislation.

 Direct Instruction = systematic or explicit phonics
Please don't be fooled by wholesome sounding names like implicit phonics / whole words / balanced reading programs

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Phonics 1st TV: Because We Are Different

A look into a future
you can be sure of
High School 
Preventing Problems
Phonics Success

At the beginning of each school year in September, I admit to my school children as young as 3 ½ years of age and guarantee they will be reading by Christmas.

Marva Collins, Educator / Direct Instruction Advocate
(Mrs. Collins educated many black students believed to be uneducable)

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After adopting a Direct Instruction model from a local private school in Baltimore, Barclay Elementary, whose student population consist of 91% African Americans
in four years their reading scores went UP 30 to 50 percentage points and referrals for special education went DOWN by a factor of four!
91% (2009) - 3%
81% (2010) -11%
65%(2010) -20%
children from poor communities 
scoring above national averages

Nairobi Day School, East Palo Alto, CA
Barclay Elementary, Baltimore MD
Wesley Elementary, Houston TX
Marva Collins, Educator, Chicago IL
Jaime Escalante, Educator, E. Los Angeles CA (Spanish Teaching)

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Direct Instruction

Secret to Reading Success
for African American Children

Vanessa Peters
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