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Following are free online private tutoring classes featuring letter sounds 
interactive activities created to share the best teaching methods 
using direct instruction (DI). DI includes a rhythmic repetition based 
learning system, specifically designed to teach Black children reading 
comprehension. These online classes also include: 
printing, cursive writing, spelling and vocabulary building exercise.

​      For K12 learners, these classes triple as an:
1.   African American home school curriculum
2.   how to tutor in reading training series
3.   decoding letter sounds + reading skills development

​Original classes + class instruction details on Sweet Sounds of Reading YouTube channel.

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For all comments and questions, please allow up to 24-hours to receive responses; especially regarding the best teaching methods of educating African American students and other related inquiries on how to teach phonics and reading tutor methods to brand new and struggling learners.

What to Expect – Full Program Details

Old School Learning Thinking!
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Class #0_orientation class           (20 minutes)

Class #1 slide sounds: i n f          (1 hour)

Class #2  slide sounds: o m a      (54 minutes) 

Class #3  slide sounds:  u  s  j     (43 minutes) 

Class #4  slide sounds:  l  r  z     (35 minutes)

Class #5  slide sounds: v e         (37 minutes) 

Class #6  slide sounds: vowels   (40 minutes)

Class #7  bounce sounds: p b g  (49 minutes)

Class #8  bounce sounds:  t d c  (55 minutes)

Class #9  bounce sounds: k        (42 minutes)

Class #10  air sounds:  h w y      (48 minutes)

Class #11  quicky2 sound: x       (39 minutes)

Class #12  quicky2 sound: q      (54 minutes)

Class #13  Letters Test: names/sounds  (44 minutes)

Class #14  twin sounds:             (45 minutes)

Class #15  sight words: clown sounds   (53 minutes)          

Class #16  voice change signals: punctuation  (35 minutes) 

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Class #1 slide sounds: i n f - ($5.50)

Class #2 slide sounds: o m a - ($5.50)

Class #3 slide sounds:  u s j - ($5.50)

Class #4  slide sounds:  l r z - ($5.50)

Class #5  slide sounds:  v e -  ($5.50)

Class #6  vowel sounds: - -  ($5.50)

Class #7  bounce sounds:  p b g - ($5.50)

Class #8  bounce sounds: t d c - ($5.50) 

Class #9  bounce sounds:  k - ($5.50)

Class #10  breath-air sounds: h w y - ($5.50)

Class #11   quicky2 sound: x - ($5.50)

Class #12   quicky2 sound: q - ($5.50)

Class #13   Letter Names/Sounds:  ($5.50) 

Class #14   twin sounds:   ($5.50)

Class #15   clown sounds:  ($5.50)

Class #16   punctuation marks  ($5.50)