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Electric Slide
A fun way to teach reading to teenagers this summer is to have them discover the beat within a word and learn the dance steps to the Alpha Slide! Decoding or breaking down the sounds inside of words for struggling readers can also be thought of as finding or feeling the beat within a word...
Da Vinci Code - Letter Symbols Revealed
For children of the code there’s no such thing as a word too difficult to read.
 For these trained learners, reading becomes one intriguing, stimulating grail quest to unlock the mystery discovered in …
In the criminal reading system, the children are represented by two separate yet equally influential groups: the phonics police, who investigate letter-sound crimes; and the whole-word proponents, who prosecute the PHONICS FIRST defenders. 
These are their stories. . . Bah! Bah!

Teaching Reading incorrectly Creates Learning Disabilities, 
even if you’re a Rockefeller

The middle class and rich are informed or powerful enough to avoid faulty learning traps; or are they? 
Considering America’s disappointing world-wide reading rankings this is not a fact today, and it certainly didn't apply when John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was tricked into donating $3 million dollars into a magnet school that would ultimately create reading disabilities in two of his sons.
Thank You Whole Language 
(Jimmie Fallon Mimic)

For your many pearls of wisdom. Thank you for Context Clues. Thank you for Prior Knowledge. Thank you for the Initial Consonant. Thank you for Picture Clues. Thank you for Miscues. 

But most of all, thank you for creating readers like this guys wife...
Why Black Children Need A Different Reading Program

It’s not that African American children need a different program than the majority population to learn to read, it’s just that children of color, specifically Blacks make great strides, regardless of societal influences, if taught exclusively phonics first. Over the past 10 years, I’ve tutored all races of children using phonics first with great success.  However, during the development of the Sweet Sounds of Reading tutoring business,