How to Teach Children to Read
Have you ever noticed how easily children remember the lyrics to a song but struggle to retell a story they’ve read?  Equally, it’s much easier to recall what happened in a movie than to restate what happened in a story they’ve read.  This happens because the brain processes pictures faster than words.

How to Make SENSE out of WORD SOUNDS:
To increase learners’ visual memory skills and their natural ability to recall sounds, teach them to:

1.Think of letters as pictures of sounds.
2.Imagine words as groups of sound pictures, (word music videos).

     Letter Sound Videos

Visual Memory:  is the ability to imagine or see a mental image. The image could be of a sound symbol, like an alphabet letter or of a word.  

Three key requirements for learning to read:
3.Thinking in Sounds

Seeing with the Mind’s Eye

abc’s    Back to the Basics     Isolating Individual letter Sounds   

An alphabet phonics program should provide learners with strategies for: 

1.Decoding (learning to read) 
2.Comprehension (understanding what’s being read)
3.Confidence (reading fluency) 

For both emerging readers (children) and re-emerging readers (adults), a back-to-basics letter/sounds reading approach, eliminates the top two common reading learning disabilities, guessing and memorizing words.

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