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Workbook #1: i n f (slide sounds) 

Sliding sounds are 14 unique letters that naturally slide one sound into the next. Because these sounds help students develop an automatic sound-out reading reflex and learn how to isolate and smoothly blend letter sounds, they should be taught first.

Workbook #2:  o   m   a   (slide sounds)

Workbook #3:  u   s   j     (slide sounds)

Workbook #4:  l    r   z     (slide sounds)

Workbook #5:     v   e      (slide sounds) 

Workbook #6:  Slide Sounds Review + Introduction to Vowels

Workbook #7:  p    b    g    (bounce sounds)

Bounce sounds are 7 unique letters that are a bit more difficult to isolate, sound out and blend. Former mastery of slide sounds required.

Workbook #8:  t   d   c    (bounce sounds)

Workbook #9:  k   (bounce sounds)

Workbook #10:  h   w   y   (breath-air sounds)

‘Breath-air’ letters make air sounds, not letters. These letters feel and sound like air or wind, and are made by pushing air from the back of your throat.

Workbook #11:   x   (quicky2 sounds) 

Quicky2 sounds blend so smooth that they feel like 1 sound, but are really 2 different letter sound types. The first sound bounces out of your mouth and slides into the next.

Workbook #12:  q  (quicky2 sounds)

Workbook #13:  Letter Sounds Skills Review + upper / lower case letter writing

Workbook #14:  ck    dd   ff   gg   ll    ss    tt    (twin sounds)

Twin Sounds are two same letters or same sounds making only 1 sound

Workbook #15:  Clown Sounds – Sight Words Teaching

Clown Sounds are when letters clown around and not make or sound like they should

Workbook #16:  Voice Change Signals - Punctuation Marks 

Workbook #17:  Partner Sound - ch

Partner sounds are when 2 different letters join together and make 1 brand new sound.

Workbook #18:  H Partner Sound - sh

Workbook #19:  H Partner Sound - th

Workbook #20:  H Partner Sound - ph

Workbook #21:  H Partner Sound - wh

Workbook #22:  H Partner Sounds - ch   sh   th   ph   wh

Workbook #23:  Vowel Partners -  ai   ay

Workbook #24:  Vowel Partners -  ea    ee    ey

Workbook #25:  Vowel Partner -  ie

Workbook #26:  Vowel Partners -  oa   oe

Workbook #27:  Vowel Partners -  ue   ui

Workbook #28:  Vowel Partners -  ai - ay    ea - ee - ey    ie    oa - oe    ue - ui

Workbook #29:  R Partner - ar

Workbook #30:  R Partner - or

Workbook #31:  R Partners -   er  ir   ur

Workbook #32:  R Partners -  ar  or  er  ir  ur

Workbook #33:  Silent ‘e’ (end of word decoding) 

Workbook #34:  Tagger ‘e’ (end of word decoding)

Workbook #35:  Scissor Sounds:   s    ly   ful   less   ness (end of word decoding)

Workbook #36:  Silent 1st Letter Partners -    kn   wr 

Workbook #37:  Signal Vowels Partners -   ce   ci   cy

Workbook #38:  Signal Vowels Partners -   ge   gi   gy

Workbook #39:  Crazy Mix Partners -    au   aw

Workbook #40:  Crazy Mix Partners -    ew   oo

Workbook #41:  Crazy Mix Partners -   oi    oy

Workbook #42:  Crazy Mix Partners -   ou   ow

Workbook #43:  Crazy Mix Partner -   ow

Workbook #44:  Crazy Mix Partners -   au - aw    ew - oo    oi - oy    ou - ow

Workbook #45: Super Taggers -    ed    er    y    ing     (end of word decoding)

Workbook #46:  Joker Partner -   gh

Workbook #47:  Joker Partner -   ou

Workbook #48:  Joker Partner -   ei

Workbook #49:  Team Sounds -   ing - ink    igh    ous - ious    sive - tive    sure - ture

Workbook #50:  Super ‘i’ Teams -  cious-tious-xious   cial-tial   sion-tion   ciate-tiate   cian-cien-tien

Workbook #51:  Sound Play Activity Cards - For use with student workbooks #1 – 50

Book: 1 - The Letter Sounds Instant Reading Teacher: workbooks 1 - 15

Book: 2 - The Letter Sounds Instant Reading Teacher: workbooks 16 - 32

Book: 3 - The Letter Sounds Instant Reading Teacher: workbooks 33 - 44

Book: 4 - The Letter Sounds Instant Reading Teacher: workbooks 45 - 50


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