Alpha Phonics
Alphabet Sounds Song
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alphabet phonics song pronunciation key:
alpha notes = sound symbols

Slide sounds as the name implies can be held for a prolonged amount of time without causing a distortion of their sounds or the unconscious adding of another letter sound, (typically the short 'u' sound). Slide sounds develop smooth letter pronunciation reading fluency.  This key sound category, allows for flowing sound-out transitions to or from the 3 other letter sound categories. 
letter /s/:   slide or hold the /s/ sound while you mentally count to five.

Bounce sounds bounce out of your mouth and should create only one quick sound. If you attempt to hold or slide these sounds, you'll end up adding the letter sound or making 2-sounds, instead of one isolated sound.
letter /b/:  if you attempt to hold or slide the sound you'll end up saying: /b-u-u-u-u/

Breath air sounds, as the name implies consist of not making an actual sound instead these sounds involve pushing or blowing out air from the back of the throat.
letter /h/:  breath out this air sound by opening your mouth and pushing hot air out
(the first letter sound you hear in the word hot)
letter /w/:  puff out this air sound by using your cheeks to quickly blow a wisp of air 
(the first letter sound you hear in the word wish)
letter /y/:  form your lips in a wide open mouthed grin and quickly pant or push air out
(the first letter sound you hear in the word yes)

Quicky2 letters sounds consist of a rapid two-sound  (bounce + air) pronunciation.  
The letter /q/ = /kw/ combined sounds (bounce + air-sound)
The letter /x/= /ks/ combined sounds (bounce + slide-sound)

The 26 letters of the alphabet represent the root or foundation sounds.
All other letter-sound possibilities are covered during advanced phonics training, which involves sequential learning from the simple to the complex.

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