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​Founded in 2005, Sweet Sounds of Reading back-to-basics text-book publishing services also offers nationwide online tutoring services and Parents Reading Training Classes.  

Founder, Vanessa Peters is a curriculum developer, tutor, literacy coach, letter sounds decoding specialist and advocate of direct instruction / phonics first teachings. 

The following textbooks and genres published by Sweet Sounds of Reading are: the reading training series, “The Letter Sounds Instant Reading Teacher,” and its companion “Letter Sounds Students’ Workbooks,” the beginner's math book, “Stay in Your Lane,” and the math money workbook, “Cents and Sensibilities,” plus the coded learning system, “Roots of Spanish.” 

All are available on Amazon, as well as through the following distribution channels: online bookstore retailers, libraries and academic institutions.

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As an introduction to learning to speak Spanish, this image based presentation uses the family tree analogy to help students understand the roots of this phonetically pure language.

In attempting to learn Spanish, this simple and effective systematic method of learning pronouns (conjugating the verbs), will help students master the basic mechanics of Spanish grammar rules. This body of work uniquely introduces pronoun spelling patterns using symbols and imagery to trigger instant understanding and easy recall of essential parts of speech Spanish rules.  

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